VIII International Geant4 School - Belgrade

Quick guide

Virtual Machine

The hands-on session of the course can be attended by using a ready-for-the-use Virtual Machine (Linux, CentOs7), which contains a working installation of Geant4 10.5.p01.

The virtual machine (8 GB, to be uncompressed) can be downloaded here (zip version) or here (tarball). The zip version is suggested for Windows laptops, while the tarball version for MacOS or Linux laptops. Once downloaded, the file integrity must be checked for, by using the MD5 checksum b7b0dce46891939e1ede11c1b9d0303a (tar.gz) and 6647ec0d5944bc50722dcc5d517b9433 (zip).

The Virtual Machine is downloaded as a single archive file (tarball or zip): once you have extracted all files (about 20 GB in total), you can open and run it by using Oracle VirtualBox. VirtualBox can be downloaded here for Windows, MacOS and Linux/Ubuntu laptops.


For any problem or question to open or customize the Virtual Machine, please have a look at this troubleshooting page or email Luciano Pandola.